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This page list the individual prices for wedding videography, wedding photography, event photography/videography, DJ Services, etc. Check back to see updates on pricing for other services.


                                                                       WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY


The Deluxe $1800.00 

Two Camera Video Setup

Previewing of Rehearsal

Recording of Wedding Ceremony

Recording of Reception w/Family & Friends

Editing, 3D/Special Effects, Titles

Love Story Video (show at wedding reception) 

Five copy of the Wedding and Reception

Extra Copies ($10 per DVD)

“Up to ten hours of coverage” 


Standard Package $1000.00 (*$1200.00)                                          Love Story $300.00

-One Camera Setup  *(Two Camera Video Setup)                        -You choose scenic location

Previewing of Rehearsal                                                                - Up to two hour shoot

Recording of Wedding Ceremony                                                  - Show at wedding reception

Recording of Reception w/Family & Friends                                  -Up to 25 Pictures edited in video

Editing, 3D/Special Effects, Titles

Three Copies of Wedding & Reception

Extra Copies ($10 per DVD) “Up to six hours of coverage”                                                                                                         


                                                                                                    Wedding Only $300.00**                                                                 

Budget Package $500.00                                                           Reception Only $300.00***

-One Camera Video Setup                                                         -One Camera Video Setup

-Recording of Wedding Ceremony                                            -Recording of Wedding Ceremony

- If possible Recording of Reception w/Family & Friends         -Editing, 3D/Special Effects

-Titles-Editing, 3D/Special Effects, Titles                                 - One Duplicated copy

-One Copy of the Wedding and Reception                              - Extra Copies ($10 per DVD)       

 -Extra Copies ($10 per DVD)                                                  “**Up to two hours of coverage”

“Up to four hours of coverage”                                                 “***Up to three hours of coverage”



                                              WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY


 Wedding Only                                                                   “Special Moment” 

(3) 8X10’s                                                                           (1) 16X20 Wedding Portrait

(80) 4X6’s With Album                                                       (1) 11X14 Color Enlargement

       ($550.00)                                                                    (150-250) 4X6’s With Deluxe personalized album

Up to three of coverage                                                     2 – DVD’s of 50 photographs set to music

                                                                                          1 – Hour Engagement Portrait Session    

“Memories”                                                                      (any location, small album with 30-40 photographs)     

(8) 8X10’s With Wedding Album                                                                 ($1800)

(100) 4X6’s With Wedding Album                                     “Up to eight hours of coverage, 3 locations”  

(4) 5X7’s                                                                   


 “Up to five hours of coverage”                                                          “Life Time”

                                                                                          (1) 16X20 Wedding Portraits

    “Unforgettable”                                                           (2) 11X14 Color Enlargement  

(2) 11X14 Wedding Portrait                                              (250-400) 4X6’s With Deluxe personalized album

(10) 8X10’s With Wedding Album                                     1 – Hour Engagement Portrait Session

(150) 4X6’s With Wedding Album                                     (any location, small album with 30-40 photographs)

                  ($1300)                                                            1 Proof CD-ROM of all photographs taken of wedding

     “six hours of coverage”                                                        Additional Photographer


                                                                                            “Up to ten hours of coverage  


*“Parents Album”                             Duplications                Additional Services

(1)   8X10                                           16X20=$65                     Proof CD-ROM=$200

Mixed sizes of photos in an album    11X14=$45                     Additional Photographer=$400

        ($150.00)                                   8X10=$20                       Engagement Session=$150                                       



We also offer photography enhancements ranging from: Black & White, Spot coloring.


-DJ Services starts at $350.00 for 2-4 hours & $450.00 for 4-6 hours



Event photography/videography is priced differently. Events consist of Open House, Sweet 16, Corporate, Head Shots, Commercials, Music Videos, etc. Prices are negotiable and subject to change. Prices is as follows:


-Videography including editing: $150.00 hourly


-Photography: $125.00 hourly.

-Photo Booth: $125.00 hourly. Three hours or more comes with a photo book. Every rental comes with unlimited photos, props, and an attendant.